On-Farm Training

Each year, we offer 1 to 3 staff/training positions, which generally run from April/May to October. Staff/trainees are involved in a wide variety of activities: starting seeds, transplanting, direct seeding, weeding, mulching, trellising, pest management, harvest and customer service, as well as caring for the sheep and poultry flocks.

We offer practical on-farm training complemented by detailed crop plans, standard operating procedures and monthly workshops (agroecology, crop planning, CSA management, holistic management). Our goal is to give you a foundation of practical skills and knowledge about farming.

Volunteering with us

Since 2020, Persephone is member of WorkAway and now WWOOF. In exchange for 20 hours/week of unskilled labour, we offer room & board in a fantastic living environment.

Generally, volunteer work is complementing our commercial market garden, e.g. with community-oriented or ecological infrastructure projects, maintenance and beautification work, or engaging with children. For more details, please visit WWOOF or WorkAway. During COVID, we expect volunteers to stay with us for at least four weeks to reduce overall risk.

Garden workshops

Each winter and early spring, we offer workshops to help make your garden adventures joyful and delicious! We offer two sessions that cover garden planning and soil — the roots of successful growing!

Depending on the public health context, workshops are on-line or in person. Have a group of friends, neighbours or co-workers interested in gardening? Get in touch to set up a session just for you!

Talks & workshops

Thorsten and Kristine offer a wide range of workshops and talks around regenerative agriculture, collaborative food systems, the planetary crisis, and how we can build climate resilience, including landscape and watershed aspects, farm practices and farm management.

Please visit www.thorstenarnold.com/biosphere-regeneration-talks and inquire directly!

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